Free Space - Android App Source Code!

App for deleting waste files. Just add ads or in-purchase & earn. 

Make it freemium. Just implement in-purchase and let the user open additional options for money. Or earn on the ads.

For sale: source code of the app and the app transfer.

The app allows you to scan and search for files by the following characteristics:

The same name.
Same size.
Selection: What is the size (any, up to 10 megabytes to gigabytes, GB - 10 GB, and so on).
Select: the format of scan files (any, text, video, application, music, etc.).
Select: what to scan (SD card phone / tablet, and both).
In addition, if you have multiple devices, which use SD memory cards, you can check all cards through our app (inserting a memory card into the device where the application is installed).

Interface in 26 languages!